Stay safe during COVID-19 with PouchPASS
A new solution to screen and check body temperature for individuals and masses.

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PouchPASS helps you worry less by tracking body temperature in 3 easy steps.

Your thermometer anywhere you go and more!

PouchPASS Wristband is a simple and accurate tool to measure your body temperature. No charging required!

Built with NFC features, PouchBand Plus allows you to do more such as contactless payments, access control, and more!

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Your new key to the modern norm

PouchPASS app, together with the wristband, can be your alternative safety pass. With the ongoing world pandemic, public spaces, mass gatherings and events has become more restricted. Securing your accurate temperature history can grant you access to your desired locations.

Temperature Diary

Keep all your temperature history safe and saved on cloud.

Smart Notifications

Get prompt notifications once your body temperature changes.

See it all in one place

Manage your people, analyze trends, detect cases, and setup your devices, easy.

Track everyone’s health, anywhere!

Monitor members’ real-time temperature status and locations, in and outside your household or organisation.

Trace contact history

Identify high-risk individuals or groups to slow down disease spread and track back their history.

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PouchNATION is SEA’s Leader in Crowd Management Technologies, IoT, Contactless Payments, and Behavioral Analytics. With 6 physical offices across the region, PouchNATION has successfully sold millions of wearables across different industries (mass gatherings, hospitality, etc.) and established itself as the market leader in the space.

As COVID-19 is transforming the world, PouchNATION integrated into its wearable technology a Body Temperature Sensor to allow all businesses and households to do Health Screening checks. The vision is to promote a safe and healthy environment both at home and at work powered by the latest of the art contactless IoT technology.

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