5 Important Health Trackers To Explore In 2021

Fuss-free ways to maintain good health.

Maintaining good health has never been made easier. Most of our busy lifestyles limit our time to monitor our health status regularly. Finding time to see the doctor is hardly possible with such schedules waiting for you daily. These health trackers have however allowed us to maintain good health using advanced technology to track your day-to-day life. Read on to find out how these health trackers can benefit your well-being.

woman checking her smart wristband after working out or jogging pouchpass

Google Fit

Google Fit is an app you can download on your Android or iOS device. Your phone itself serves as your hardware, and you can bring it with you during walks, runs, or bike rides. You can also feed data to Google Fit from other devices, like a POLAR smartwatch, a Fitbit Plus, or even a smart bathroom scale. Users can achieve fitness goals through customised coaching and actionable tips based on their health and activity history. 

Garmin Fitness Watch

With over 20 fitness watches in the collection, Garmin watches come in different trendy styles, and the features of each one leave us absolutely impressed. For instance, their latest release called Venu has features that monitor your energy levels, track your stress levels, and suggest improvements like calm breathing if necessary. It also keeps a tab of menstrual cycles, reminds you to stay hydrated, and helps improve your breathing pattern.

elderly woman holding hands with daughter and wearing a smart health wristband pouchpass


PouchPASS entered the market in 2020 to help us maintain a sense of normalcy with their on-the-go body temperature in a form of a wearable device as we continuously battle an ongoing pandemic. The innovative product works by providing consistent, and remote temperature monitoring through a wristband linked to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth. The Watchlist feature allows both households and businesses to monitor their members effectively. PouchPASS also enables early detection of fever symptoms. 

Health Mate

Although Health Mate is designed to integrate with Withings health products, it’s still useful on its own. It works well as both a pedometer and a heart rate measuring device. It comes with so many options to let you know every detail of your body. It even lets you track your child’s health and also offers to coach during your pregnancy. You can also monitor your sleep patterns and receive other vital information about your body like blood pressure and more. 

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 comes with an aluminum case, and a bright, crisp screen. Looks aside, it is packed with useful tools for both everyday wear and activity tracking. You can receive smartphone notifications, make contactless payments via Fitbit Pay, control your music, monitor your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), be guided through calming breathing exercises, and track your sleep. 

About PouchPASS

PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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