7 Warning Signs That You Are A Workaholic

Identify and address these issues.

Work addiction is more common than you think. The ongoing pandemic however, may have increased that behaviour especially with most of the workforce having been encouraged to work from home as part of the coronavirus restrictions. While it may not affect everyone, but for many of those working from home, means working harder and longer hours. Apart from the mental stress, there are problems of physical health lurking around the corner as you can never relax. Your work-life balance has been destroyed.

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You Constantly Check Your Phone

Do you find yourself checking your email inbox every five minutes, whether you’re in bed, lining up at the supermarket cashier or watching TV?  You might also feel the need to reply to any emails you receive as soon as it comes in your mailbox. You shouldn’t make your brain work overtime and focus on job-related tasks after you’ve logged off work. Try disabling notifications or switch your phone entirely at home so work doesn’t get in the way of your downtime.

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You Skip Lunch

Some believe that working through lunch is worse than working on the weekends. Working throughout the day with little or no breaks can hinder your productivity and output. We tend to believe that the best way to get more work done is to put in more hours. But, the reality is that we’re more productive when we plan sufficient break times during the day.

Feel Guilty For Taking Time Off

Working from home might tempt you to try and keep yourself busy. After all, how else can you make yourself productive with extra time in your hands? You might even feel guilty and use any free time you have to dedicate it to work, even if there is nothing urgent that needs to get done. Realising that work is not ever something that can truly be completed, will help you to pull yourself away from working those extra hours. The work will still be there for you tomorrow.

You Work To Distract Yourself 

Workaholics often work long hours because they use it as a remedy to deal with stresses in other parts of their life like including the feeling of guilt, depression or anxiety. But, slaving those long hours will not help you address those problems and you might just make matters worse for yourself.

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Unable To Say ‘No’

How do you say, ‘no’, to your boss? It’s not that hard, really. Before you eagerly say, ‘yes’, take time to assess the actual time you will need to complete the task and only accept work that is related to your experience. That’s one simple way to avoid overworking yourself and making sure you don’t work overtime. It’s important to recognise when you’re stretching yourself too far and when you’re working on things that are outside your skillset and your career goals.

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Sleep, Interrupted

When you’re a workaholic, it’s not surprising that you take your phone to bed. The blue light from your screen means it negatively impacts wake-sleep patterns and you’ll discover that it’s even more difficult to get to sleep. Long, restful sleep is now a thing of the past, especially if you display revenge bedroom procrastination behaviours. Always remember that you can achieve better sleep, without any electronic equipment at arms reach.

Not Working Stresses You Out 

Getting anxiety is extremely common. Many are often filled with anxiety and worry when they are unable to work. Whether your emails are down, or you’re stuck in a traffic jam, there are always going to be unavoidable incidences that might hinder your work. Take a breather and accept the reality that you can’t work right at that moment. It will ultimately lead to a significant stress reduction in your life.

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