8 Calming Hobbies to Restore Your Energy

Great ways to unwind from everyday life.

Taking up a hobby is more than just doing something fun, it’s also about dedicating time and energy to something that brings you joy and ignites your passions. Indulging in a hobby allows you to unwind from your daily routine and step away from stressful situations. Here some calming hobbies to restore your energy and destress from everyday life.

color pencils with a drawing not yet colored

Get Lost In Colours

Colouring is good for the soul, and research shows that it can help lower anxiety levels and stress. Adult colouring books aren’t just merely trends, they are good for promoting mindfulness and focus. If you want to tap into your inner child and make yourself happy, pick up a fancy colouring book as a fun way to relax and stretch your creative muscles. You can check out some options here

young woman reading a book outside sitting in a chair

Read Good Books

Reading is great to escape your daily stresses and to explore your interests. Nonfiction is as good an escape as fiction if you use it to explore your passions. Take time to explore topics you want to learn about then find out who the experts are. Then all you need to do is hunt down their books and indulge. You’ll be de-stressing and broadening your mind at the same time. You can also try audiobooks for added convenience and turn your daily commute into a chance to learn.

Craft Away

Crafting and D.I.Y projects have taken the world by storm in the last few years. Many are using their hands and imaginations to create. It’s become a popular hobby past because creating is a great way to slow down a little. Getting lost in the details of a project can calm you. Your crafted goods will also make great gifts for friends and family. You can also potentially turn them into extra cash by selling them at flea markets and online stores like Etsy. 

shovel and soil flatlay with gardening tools

Be A Plant Parent

Having plants is a great way to take on the responsibility of caring for something without having to add additional stress to your life. Start small and find low-maintenance plants like monstera or spider plant, that you can nurture and watch grow. Observing the progress your plants make will make you feel a sense of pride knowing that your hard work made it happen.

woman laughing with her dog kissing the dog

Adopt A Pet

You might be wondering why this is included in the list. The reason being, pets have been proven to significantly reduce stress. Although not everyone will be able to manage taking care of pets if you are in a place where you can support one, do it. Be it a turtle, dog, or cat, this new addition will bring a certain sense of happiness into your life.

food waffles spread flat lay

Be A Foodie

Being a food enthusiast doesn’t mean you’ll be eating more than you should. Becoming a foodie is a great way to treat your taste buds and dedicate your free time to exploring your community’s small businesses. You can start by taking pictures for your Instagram or a food blog. Essentially, this hobby is about finding great food and learning more about the stories behind them. Eating food that looks amazing and tastes great is very effective in eliminating stress.

a woman writing on her journal with coffee

Start A Journal

Journaling is like writing in a diary. It’s an age-old practice that encourages self-reflection. It has been proven to help alleviate anxiety, and de-stress your life. Whether you write your thoughts down on your phone or you sit down with a pen and paper, making a habit out of this hobby will definitely help you to clear your mind. You can also take it to the next level and start an online blog.

close up shot of a puzzle with a missing piece

Indulge In Solving Puzzles

Puzzles are just entertaining, they’re also really good for your health. They can help improve your memory, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and increase positive energy. When we talk about puzzles, it isn’t limited to just jigsaws. You might also enjoy crosswords, math games, trivia, riddles, Rubik’s Cube, and Sodoku.

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So I have started gardening since the pandemic and planning to start painting soon! or maybe i should start small and get a colouring book as suggested here hhhmmm