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5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Simple tips to help keep you balanced.

Metabolism is a term that describes all the chemical reactions in your body. Boosting it is usually a weight watcher’s goal as the higher it is, the more calories you burn and the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off. How fast your body burns calories depends on several things. Men tend to burn more calories than women, even while resting. For many, metabolism slows steadily after age 40. Although you can’t control things like your age and gender, these tips can help improve your metabolic rate. 

Eat at regular times

1. Eat at regular times

Our body thrives on balance and consistency. Eating at regular times balances our metabolic rate. When a person eats a lot and then goes for long periods without eating, the body may burn calories slower and store more fat cells. Eating at regular times can reduce this tendency. 

Drink up

2. Drink up

Our body needs water to process calories, and it can boost your body’s ability to burn fat. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that drinking half a litre of water increases metabolic rate by 30% in healthy men and women. 

Consume enough calories

3. Consume enough calories

Skipping meals to lose weight can negatively impact your metabolism. Eating meals that aren’t filling has the same effect. Eating too few calories can cause your metabolism to slow down so the body can conserve energy. Women need between 1,600 and 2,400 calories daily, depending on physical activity levels, and men need between 2,000 and 3,000.

Get plenty of sleep

4. Get plenty of sleep

Lack of sleep causes your body to release a hormone, ghrelin, which can make you feel hungry. It also releases less leptin, a hormone that helps a person feel full. Getting enough sleep can help ensure that these hormones remain balanced and prevent a person from overeating. Several studies suggest that adults need at least 7 – 8 hours per night.

Try high-Intensity workouts

5. Try high-Intensity workouts

Aerobic exercises might not bulk your muscles, but it significantly boosts your metabolism. High-intensity exercise delivers a bigger, longer rise in resting metabolic rate than low- or moderate-intensity workouts. Try a more intense class at the gym like HIIT and Zumba or include short bursts of jogging during your regular walk.

Accuracy in monitoring internal body temperature is important to determine exertional heat stroke and rule out other potentially catastrophic medical conditions.

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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7 Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Consult a doctor immediately.

What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder that tends to begin slowly with minor symptoms that come and go. The symptoms affect both sides of the body and progress over a period of weeks or months. Not everyone will share the same symptoms as it differs from each individual and changes day-to-day. Here are seven RA symptoms that you should definitely check with your doctor. You can learn how to manage these symptoms easily here.

young woman exercising outside with wrist pain


RA affects the small nerves in your hands or feet. It will make you feel numb like you’re being stuck with pins and needles. Your hands and feet can potentially change colour when it’s cold. Rheumatoid vasculitis can also cause numbness, tingling, burning, or pain in your hands or feet due to damaged nerves. 


The feeling of fatigue usually sets in before any other symptoms become noticeable. It may come and go from week to week or day-to-day. Fatigue is sometimes accompanied by a general feeling of ill health or even depression.

Morning Stiffness

Morning stiffness is a common early sign of arthritis. If it lasts for a few minutes, it is usually a symptom of a form of arthritis that can worsen over time without proper treatment. Stiffness that you experience for several hours is a symptom of inflammatory arthritis and is typical of RA. You might also feel a similar sensation after napping or sitting.

Joint Pain

Joint stiffness is usually followed by joint tenderness or pain during movement or even while you’re resting and it affects both sides of the body equally. This pain is usually felt in the fingers and wrists during the beginning stages of RA. You might also feel pain in your knees, feet, ankles, or shoulders.  

old woman lying on the couch because of joint pain while cleaning

Minor Swelling

This symptom is common during the early stages of RA. Mild inflammation causes your joints to appear bigger than normal. This is caused by the warmth of the joints. You will experience flare-ups from a few days to a few weeks, and this is expected to increase with time. 


A low-grade fever can be an early warning sign of RA, especially when accompanied by other symptoms like joint pain and inflammation. That’s when the inflammation gets out of control. It’s important to note that a fever higher than 38°C is more likely to be a sign of some other form of illness or infection. It’s important to constantly monitor your body’s temperature to determine the nature of your fever.

Less Range In Motion

Inflammation in your joints can cause tendons and ligaments to deform and become unstable. As RA progresses, you may find yourself unable to bend or straighten some joints. Your range of motion may also be affected by pain, but it’s still important to engage in regular, gentle exercise.

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real-time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms, especially those related to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Try one today!

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Monitoring Your Child’s Health Consistently With PouchPASS

Its accuracy has been tried and tested.

The first years of life are so important for a child’s development. Early experiences make a difference in how their brains develop and can influence lifelong learning and health. It is important to have regular health checkups as it is the best opportunity for recognizing early childhood health problems such as psychomotor-development delay and growth retardation.

mother and daughter out in the park

Naomi J, a working mother of two, based in Jakarta, Indonesia knows the importance of monitoring her children’s developments too well. As a mother of two young children, aged four and eight, Naomi’s main concern for their well-being is making sure they are well taken care of. 

“It’s important to make sure their growth is on par with the rest of the population,” she says. 

“I make sure they get good and enough nutrition. Having a reliable healthcare provider is also essential if they get sick,” she explains. Naomi’s routine, however, has changed due to the ongoing pandemic. Visits to the clinic aren’t as frequent and she has also increased her children’s vitamin intake to boost immunity.

“My biggest worry is them getting sick, especially now during the pandemic. Thankfully my children are healthy and my routine check up with their pediatrician helps maintain that,” she says. But, the inevitable happened and her youngest child contracted a fever. Luckily for Naomi, PouchPASS had launched their PouchBAND and knowing that it was a unique body temperature that can monitor the user 24-7, she had to get it. 

“I had her wear the PouchBAND for two days especially at night when she slept so I could monitor her temperature without disrupting her sleep. It also helped when I had to do the virtual consultations with the doctor. All I had to do was show him the temperature readings,” she explains. 

PouchPASS is a very useful device especially when you have young children. “My kids don’t sit still long enough for me to check their temperature. The infrared thermometer seemed like a good solution but the readings are often inaccurate and inconsistent,” she reveals. 

PouchPASS’s accurate body temperature reading matches that of a traditional thermometer. The most helpful feature is the Diary, where temperature readings are recorded and can easily be shared with your doctor during consultations.

pouchpass mobile app temperature monitoring

About PouchPASS

PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real-time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Try one today for the safety of your children’s health.  

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7 Food Trends That Is Set To Dominate In 2021

Listed by reputable foodies.

A lot of food trends that are set to dominate in 2021 were gaining momentum in the last year. As the pandemic continues globally, people continue to cook at home, order take-out and support more local eateries. Read on to find out how we will be eating and what we’ll be cooking at home this year.

meal prep food in glass containers

Meal Kits From Chefs

Food deliveries have become more common than ever, and meal kits have once again gained popularity in 2020 as lockdowns continue to take place around the world. Establishments like your neighbourhood cafes and your favourite fine dining haunts are jumping on the bandwagon. Even legendary Michelin-Starred Chef Daniel Boulud joined in the hype by rolling out specially curated meal kits nationwide in the US, giving home cooks a chance to perfect his French classics.

woman cooking in the kitchen while smiling with steam coming out of the pot

Supporting Local Businesses

Traveling abroad and even cross-country trips continue to take a dip in 2021. This, however, will benefit your local eateries as many have shifted their interest to exploring neighbourhood businesses. The community spirit of keeping local businesses afloat contributes to this renewed appreciation for what small businesses and local food artisans have to offer.

overhead view of a plate with vegan food bananas avocados kiwi pomegranate seeds and granola

Plant-Based Goodies

Plant-based items are still trending in 2021. The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation’s study revealed that 28 percent of people in the US have been eating more protein from plant sources during the pandemic. Although not in large numbers, many around the world have been doing the same. There is no concrete reason why this is happening, but experts have listed shortages of certain items in grocery stores and attempts to use quarantines as a way to get healthier.

american breakfast with waffles avocado toast and fruits

Breakfast Is Essential

With more time spent at home, we actually have time to think about breakfast. Those days of rushing out of the house with a granola bar to munch on the way to work are definitely on hold. You can expect to see more Instagrams about meal prepping breakfast sandwiches and new fast-food breakfast items being released. A TikTok breakfast wrap hack went viral with many trying to replicate the recipe. 

dalgona coffee with coffee beans

Cooking Crafts

Social media platforms have been good sources of food trends and it has encouraged many to polish their cooking crafts. Remember the Dalgona Coffee challenge that was the rage in 2020? Most of these cooking crafts are simple to follow and it has encouraged us to literally play with our food. From the beginnings of whipped coffee and pancake cereal, the trend of crafting simple yet delectable goodies is set to stay this year.   

woman learning cooking class on a tablet

Virtual Cooking Classes

Chefs and cookbook writers were mostly left stranded when the pandemic hit. Many turned to social media to host live cooking via Instagram and Facebook Live. Italian Michelin-starred chef, Massimo Bottura was one out of many who hosted live cooking classes on Instagram. Others are doing the same and are gaining more audience and online ‘students’ who now have more time to indulge in virtual cooking classes

woman cooking in the kitchen while smiling with steam coming out of the pot

Imperfect Home Cooking

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned cook or a newbie who didn’t know how to boil ramen noodles. Last year, most of us embraced imperfect home cooking and weren’t afraid to share our efforts on social media. Comedian, Amy Schumer turned her inability to cook into a self-shot show, with her husband, Chris Fischer as her culinary instructor. Just like Schumer, we’re all making more effort to prepare home-cooked meals, perfect or not.

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real-time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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8 Calming Hobbies to Restore Your Energy

Great ways to unwind from everyday life.

Taking up a hobby is more than just doing something fun, it’s also about dedicating time and energy to something that brings you joy and ignites your passions. Indulging in a hobby allows you to unwind from your daily routine and step away from stressful situations. Here some calming hobbies to restore your energy and destress from everyday life.

color pencils with a drawing not yet colored

Get Lost In Colours

Colouring is good for the soul, and research shows that it can help lower anxiety levels and stress. Adult colouring books aren’t just merely trends, they are good for promoting mindfulness and focus. If you want to tap into your inner child and make yourself happy, pick up a fancy colouring book as a fun way to relax and stretch your creative muscles. You can check out some options here

young woman reading a book outside sitting in a chair

Read Good Books

Reading is great to escape your daily stresses and to explore your interests. Nonfiction is as good an escape as fiction if you use it to explore your passions. Take time to explore topics you want to learn about then find out who the experts are. Then all you need to do is hunt down their books and indulge. You’ll be de-stressing and broadening your mind at the same time. You can also try audiobooks for added convenience and turn your daily commute into a chance to learn.

Craft Away

Crafting and D.I.Y projects have taken the world by storm in the last few years. Many are using their hands and imaginations to create. It’s become a popular hobby past because creating is a great way to slow down a little. Getting lost in the details of a project can calm you. Your crafted goods will also make great gifts for friends and family. You can also potentially turn them into extra cash by selling them at flea markets and online stores like Etsy. 

shovel and soil flatlay with gardening tools

Be A Plant Parent

Having plants is a great way to take on the responsibility of caring for something without having to add additional stress to your life. Start small and find low-maintenance plants like monstera or spider plant, that you can nurture and watch grow. Observing the progress your plants make will make you feel a sense of pride knowing that your hard work made it happen.

woman laughing with her dog kissing the dog

Adopt A Pet

You might be wondering why this is included in the list. The reason being, pets have been proven to significantly reduce stress. Although not everyone will be able to manage taking care of pets if you are in a place where you can support one, do it. Be it a turtle, dog, or cat, this new addition will bring a certain sense of happiness into your life.

food waffles spread flat lay

Be A Foodie

Being a food enthusiast doesn’t mean you’ll be eating more than you should. Becoming a foodie is a great way to treat your taste buds and dedicate your free time to exploring your community’s small businesses. You can start by taking pictures for your Instagram or a food blog. Essentially, this hobby is about finding great food and learning more about the stories behind them. Eating food that looks amazing and tastes great is very effective in eliminating stress.

a woman writing on her journal with coffee

Start A Journal

Journaling is like writing in a diary. It’s an age-old practice that encourages self-reflection. It has been proven to help alleviate anxiety, and de-stress your life. Whether you write your thoughts down on your phone or you sit down with a pen and paper, making a habit out of this hobby will definitely help you to clear your mind. You can also take it to the next level and start an online blog.

close up shot of a puzzle with a missing piece

Indulge In Solving Puzzles

Puzzles are just entertaining, they’re also really good for your health. They can help improve your memory, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and increase positive energy. When we talk about puzzles, it isn’t limited to just jigsaws. You might also enjoy crosswords, math games, trivia, riddles, Rubik’s Cube, and Sodoku.

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7 Warning Signs That You Are A Workaholic

Identify and address these issues.

Work addiction is more common than you think. The ongoing pandemic however, may have increased that behaviour especially with most of the workforce having been encouraged to work from home as part of the coronavirus restrictions. While it may not affect everyone, but for many of those working from home, means working harder and longer hours. Apart from the mental stress, there are problems of physical health lurking around the corner as you can never relax. Your work-life balance has been destroyed.

young beautiful woman using smartphone at night in bed technology social media work

You Constantly Check Your Phone

Do you find yourself checking your email inbox every five minutes, whether you’re in bed, lining up at the supermarket cashier or watching TV?  You might also feel the need to reply to any emails you receive as soon as it comes in your mailbox. You shouldn’t make your brain work overtime and focus on job-related tasks after you’ve logged off work. Try disabling notifications or switch your phone entirely at home so work doesn’t get in the way of your downtime.

flatlay workaholic desk coffee

You Skip Lunch

Some believe that working through lunch is worse than working on the weekends. Working throughout the day with little or no breaks can hinder your productivity and output. We tend to believe that the best way to get more work done is to put in more hours. But, the reality is that we’re more productive when we plan sufficient break times during the day.

Feel Guilty For Taking Time Off

Working from home might tempt you to try and keep yourself busy. After all, how else can you make yourself productive with extra time in your hands? You might even feel guilty and use any free time you have to dedicate it to work, even if there is nothing urgent that needs to get done. Realising that work is not ever something that can truly be completed, will help you to pull yourself away from working those extra hours. The work will still be there for you tomorrow.

You Work To Distract Yourself 

Workaholics often work long hours because they use it as a remedy to deal with stresses in other parts of their life like including the feeling of guilt, depression or anxiety. But, slaving those long hours will not help you address those problems and you might just make matters worse for yourself.

stressed woman office worker a lot of things to do

Unable To Say ‘No’

How do you say, ‘no’, to your boss? It’s not that hard, really. Before you eagerly say, ‘yes’, take time to assess the actual time you will need to complete the task and only accept work that is related to your experience. That’s one simple way to avoid overworking yourself and making sure you don’t work overtime. It’s important to recognise when you’re stretching yourself too far and when you’re working on things that are outside your skillset and your career goals.

young woman lying in bed texting checking her phone

Sleep, Interrupted

When you’re a workaholic, it’s not surprising that you take your phone to bed. The blue light from your screen means it negatively impacts wake-sleep patterns and you’ll discover that it’s even more difficult to get to sleep. Long, restful sleep is now a thing of the past, especially if you display revenge bedroom procrastination behaviours. Always remember that you can achieve better sleep, without any electronic equipment at arms reach.

Not Working Stresses You Out 

Getting anxiety is extremely common. Many are often filled with anxiety and worry when they are unable to work. Whether your emails are down, or you’re stuck in a traffic jam, there are always going to be unavoidable incidences that might hinder your work. Take a breather and accept the reality that you can’t work right at that moment. It will ultimately lead to a significant stress reduction in your life.

pouchpass mobile app temperature monitoring
PouchPASS Mobile App

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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What Exactly Is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination?

There are ways to overcome it.

How It Started

Picture this scenario. You’ve just had an exhausting day of back to back Zoom meetings and organising your kids’ online classes on top of your daily chores. But, when night time looms, instead of tucking yourself into bed, you find yourself either binge-watching your favourite shows or actively scrolling your social media account despite feeling really tired and sleepy.

Some might argue that this is an act of FOMO (fear of missing out) but in fact, this kind of activity or rather behaviour has a name. It’s called bedtime revenge procrastination, and you’re not the only one going through it. It’s not new, but the term was first circulated on the Chinese internet. It’s not just simply about delaying your sleep schedule, it’s about taking revenge or you trying to regain control of your life. 

Two years prior to this revelation, researchers in the Netherlands defined “bedtime procrastination” as “failing to go to bed at the intended time, while no external circumstances prevent a person from doing so.” The word “revenge” was later added to China’s social media platforms. It is fully a trend in modern-day workers resisting sleeping early to seize the freedom of the night hours.

woman overhead shot watching netflix

Why We Experience It

What’s the motivation behind this, you ask? In an interview last year, psychotherapist Daryl Appleton said it is simply due to the sense of control we get by procrastinating on sleep. He elaborated and explained that when we don’t feel like we can control our days, we compensate by exercising control over our nights in order to feel less disempowered. We can’t avoid working or responsibilities as parents, but we can choose what we can do when all our duties for the day are completed.

This behaviour has significantly increased during the pandemic. The demand for our time has increased during the work-from-home period. Researcher, and behavioral scientist at Harvard Business School, Ashley Whillans, Ph.D., revealed the outcome of her findings in Glamour last year. She studied how people were using their time during the pandemic in five countries, including America. 

Women, especially mothers, spend more time on childcare and household chores than fathers do. At the beginning of the pandemic, young women spent less time on leisure than their male counterparts. Whillans said it could be because women may have more demands on their times as they could be parents managing Zoom school, and their full-time jobs at the same time. Workdays last longer because there’s no clear separation of when we should stop. Whillans “Emotional detachment from work is hugely important for job satisfaction. But the end-of-our-workday ritual has gone missing in the virtual environment,” she said.

Loneliness is possibly another factor as we yearn for human connection in the time of social distancing as opposed to peace and tranquility. We are essentially social animals, and social media provides us with access to other people’s social lives that especially right now is less available. Scrolling through your phone at night allows us to “imagine alternative realities of things we could be doing.” 

woman lounging on the couch while watching TV

How We Can Overcome It

Fret not, as there are ways to stop this behaviour. Laurie Santos, Ph.D., the director of the Comparative Cognition Lab at Yale revealed that much research indicated that feeling like you have a bit of free time is crucial. Many of the problems that drive revenge sleep procrastination come from feeling depressed, and being too burned out to enjoy your day can be helped by simply getting more sleep. It is not a cure-all solution but it is a start in potentially breaking the “revenge bedtime” cycle. 

It is also recommended that you set some boundaries during the day. It’s natural to want freedom and the ability to do whatever you want in your life, but, you need to find ways to achieve that before sundown. Try reading a book during your lunch break or set one night a week to stay up by yourself when you can sleep in a little later and try to take more time for your own needs on the other days. 

At the end of the day, wellness is wanting to build a life you don’t want to escape from. There are no simple tips for making this happen. If you feel like you’re only living at night, you should consider making changes in your life, both minor and major. Consider switching careers, adopt fulfilling hobbies, or set better boundaries with work for a better quality of life.

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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6 Things You Can Do To Ease Daily Life with Lupus

Making healthy lifestyle choices is key.

Lupus, an autoimmune disease can cause a lot of inflammation, most commonly in your skin and joints. It can also affect other parts of the body. Making healthy lifestyle choices are important to manage the symptoms. Learning how to manage the daily challenges of a disease that’s both chronic and unpredictable is key to living well with lupus. Here are some tips to help you improve your quality of life while dealing with lupus. 

Reduce Stress 

A flare is when lupus symptoms are suddenly worsening. Stress can trigger a lupus flare and increase lupus pain when symptoms are active. Living a low-stress lifestyle is essential to manage these flares. Start identifying all sources of stress in your life, and then find activities that help you to relax. Asking for help when your lupus symptoms are causing you pain, stiffness, and fatigue is also one way to reduce stress. 

running shoes jogging

Exercise Is Essential

Regular exercise is important to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is linked to increased inflammation, so exercise is good for joint health and reducing joint pain. A regular workout regime of low-impact exercise like swimming or walking can help reduce stress, improve strength and movement. It can also reduce the risk for osteoporosis and heart disease. 

Avoid Too Much Sun

It’s reported that two-thirds of people with lupus have increased sensitivity to ultraviolet light. This is because sun exposure triggers a lupus flare. A lot of lupus medication also makes you  more sensitive to the sun. If you’re out and about, remember to slather sunblock and cover-up. Choose a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 and broad-spectrum coverage for both UVA and UVB protection.

Seek for Vitamin D

A research review published in 2013 found that a decrease in vitamin D levels was associated with an increase in lupus symptoms. Lack of sun exposure could be the culprit of this deficiency. Since too much exposure can trigger lupus flares, Vitamin D supplements are advisable if levels are low. Check with your doctor about whether this is a good option for you.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is a big no-no as it is linked to increased inflammation. It could also add to the risk of arteries hardening, a condition called atherosclerosis, in which people with lupus are already at a higher risk than people without it. Smoking could also cause lupus flares and worsen lupus symptoms.

woman with lupus drinking milk

Calcium Is Key

There is no specific lupus diet to adhere to. The strong line between lupus and heart diseases points to a heart-healthy diet plan. Incorporate a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your meals. Stick to fish and poultry as your source of protein, and most importantly, make sure you get plenty of calcium for bone and joint health. You should reduce salt intake if you experience fluid retention or high blood pressure.

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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5 Fuss Free Ways to Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

Good tips to follow.

To date, there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis but research into medications to treat it is currently ongoing. Although there isn’t a cure, just like other chronic diseases, it’s best to find ways of reducing RA discomfort and slowing its progression. There are a lot of things that can help manage your symptoms including a healthy diet, stress management, and regular exercise.  

Aside from over-the-counter medications, complementary treatments can also help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Here are some easy ways to manage your RA symptoms. It’s also wise to remember to work with your doctor to get a holistic approach specific to you.

young woman in pain wrist because of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Consume More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Certain anti-inflammatory foods are high in omega-3 fatty acids. So, you should consider adding fatty fish to your diet like mackerel, herring, salmon and tuna. Alternatively, you can also take fish oil supplements. If you aren’t a fan of fish, try eating more nuts such as walnuts and almonds. Adding flax seeds to add to your cereal, yogurt, or baked goods also has benefits.  

Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly helps strengthen muscles and increase joint range of motion. Exercise may also improve sleep quality and fatigue in people. Opt for exercises that don’t stress your joints. For instance, brisk walking, swimming, and water aerobics are usually good low-impact choices. Consult a physical therapist to show you how to practice low-impact exercises on your own.

woman in pain wrist because of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Apply Heat and Cold Therapy

You can ease the swelling to your inflamed joints by applying an ice pack on it. In fact, coolness can also help to numb pain and relax muscle spasms. But, if you’re experiencing tight, aching muscles, a relaxing warm bath or hot shower will help soothe them. Alternatively, a hot towel or a heating pad can also help relax tense muscles and relieve pain and stiffness.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help with RA-related pain, just as it does with other types of pain, through the stimulation of endorphin production. It’s important to note that acupuncture shouldn’t be used as the sole treatment for RA, but rather as an additional treatment, along with RA disease-modifying medications. It is an additional tool to fight pain with minimal side effects.

Regular Temperature Monitoring

The same substances that cause inflammation of the joints can also cause a fever. Once the fever rises above 38°C, you should contact your doctor. Consistently monitoring your body temperature in real-time helps identify fevers related to RA.

Spiking borderline problematic post-infusion fever off and on all day. Thank God for my PouchPASS keeping me aware and constantly monitoring my temperature so I don’t have to take my temperature every few hours,” -@starweaver on Instagram.

pouchpass temperature monitoring app
PouchPASS Mobile App

About PouchPASS

PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real-time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Too Much Screen Exposure

Eye care is essential.

Looking at screens is unavoidable for many of us. Unfortunately, looking at a screen all day long for work comes with negative effects on your emotional and physical health. What experts call computer vision syndrome is a real issue, and it stems from staring at computers, iPads, and phones for an extended period. Learning how to protect your eyes from screens is a necessity. Here are steps you can take to prevent the symptoms from getting too bad. 

Prevent Reflections On Your Screen

Position your computer screen so you don’t have to deal with glare from the sun or any weird reflection pattern on your screen. These could strain your eyes even more than usual. Shifting your screen an inch to the left or to the right could be all you need to lessen the strain on your eyes.

young handsome smiling man casual outfil sitting on a table working with a laptop

Keep The Screen An Arm’s Length Away

Make sure that any screen you use is at least an arm’s length away as it will help to reduce the strain on your eyes. You might be surprised how often you hold a screen closer than that to your face, and this includes your smartphone. Keep it away from your face, and your eyes will thank you.

Don’t Forget To Blink

Blinking is very important as it moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation. People blink less frequently when staring at a screen. Tears coating the eye evaporate more rapidly during long non-blinking phases and this can cause dry eyes. The air in most office environments is dry, which can increase how quickly your tears evaporate. So, remember to keep on blinking.

young woman business empire on a laptop outside sitting

Exercise Your Eyes

To reduce the risk of tiring your eyes, look away from your computer at least every 20 minutes and gaze at a distant object (at least 20 feet away) for at least 20 seconds. Some eye doctors call this the “20-20-20 rule.” Looking far away relaxes the focusing muscle inside the eye to reduce fatigue.

Opt for Computer Glasses

You can modify your eyeglasses prescription to create customized computer glasses. This brings a lot of benefit especially if you normally wear contact lenses, which may become dry and uncomfortable during extended screen time. You can also consider photochromic lenses or lightly tinted lenses to reduce exposure to potentially harmful blue light emitted by digital devices.

Adjust Your Screen Setting

Lowering the brightness, switching the colour spectrum toward the yellow-ish side, and inverting your colours into a black-and-white scheme could possibly relax the eyes when looking at screens all day. Try playing around with any of these options, and see what feels best for you.

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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4 Commonly Known Autoimmune Disease You Should Know About

Unavoidable, but treatable.

The National Stem Cell Foundation in the U.S states that nearly 4% of the world’s population is affected by one of more than 80 different autoimmune diseases. You might have heard of the more common ones including type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease. 

These occur when the immune system mistakenly attacks parts of the human body. Although many autoimmune diseases are rare, the National Institutes for Health (NIH) estimates that they collectively affect between 5% and 8% percent of the U.S. population. Read on to learn more about these commonly known autoimmune diseases below.

hand holding blood sugar glucose checker machine

Type 1 Diabetes

Unlike type 2 diabetes, one cannot prevent type 1 diabetes by making diet or lifestyle changes. The immune system attacks and destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas of type 1 diabetes patients. High blood sugar can damage the blood vessels, and organs like the heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves. Type 1 diabetes conditions can be managed with daily insulin injections to balance out the number of carbohydrates they eat. Monitoring diet and exercise levels also help reduce symptoms.

sad frustrated woman joint pain RA

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the lining of the joints. This causes pain and swelling in the hands and feet. The immune system attacks the joints and causes redness, warmth, soreness, and stiffness in the joints. What causes inflammation of the joints can also cause a fever. RA also increases metabolic rate, which can also cause a fever. Fevers under 38°C aren’t considered a cause for alarm. Just like other autoimmune disorders, treatment for this is centered on managing pain and minimizing bone erosion and joint damage.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) describes conditions that cause inflammation in the lining of the intestinal wall. Crohn’s disease can inflame any part of the gastrointestinal tract, from the mouth to the anus, while Ulcerative colitis affects only the lining of the colon and rectum. Symptoms of IBD include abdominal pain, mouth ulcers, painful or difficult bowel movements, rectal bleeding, fever, weight loss, and fatigue. There is currently no cure for it but patients can improve their symptoms and quality of life by changing their eating habits. 

Doctor is going to examine his patient using his stethoscope over sitting people in modern hospital background

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) damages the myelin sheath that protects the nerves. The damage slows the transmission speed of messages between your brain and spinal cord to and from the rest of your body. The symptoms include paralysis, tremors, weakness in the extremities, difficulty with coordination, balance, speaking, and walking. It also causes numbness or tingling in the arms, legs, hands, and feet. Around 50% of MS sufferers will need an aide to walk within 15 years after the disease starts. Some medications may help reduce the symptoms, but there is no cure for MS. 

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Stop the Diet! 5 Reason Why It’s Not Working For You

Helpful tips to fix the situation.

Staying true to a health regime can be frustrating, especially when you’re not making much of a difference despite the work you’ve pun into it. These mistakes could be the reason why you haven’t hit your goals yet.

different types of bread on a black table chalkboard

Eliminating An Entire Food Group 

There’s no food you should never eat, but, there are lots of foods you should rarely eat. A diet that forbids macronutrients wholesale, like carbs, tends to be unsustainable in the long-run. For instance, carbohydrates are essential to provide energy. Ditching it for a week or two is fine, but if that’s why you’re losing weight, you’ll start gaining the weight back when you bring it back into your diet. The key is to cut calories elsewhere or learn how to downsize your portions.

You’re Not Losing Weight

It’s easy to feel deflated when the scale numbers don’t change during the first few days of a new diet. You might even feel like giving up sometimes. Research from the University of Florida however, showed that overweight women who lost weight faster end up experiencing a larger overall weight loss and had more success maintaining it. Not that you need to rush, but even losing initial water weight may motivate you to stick to a plan that will ultimately burn more stored fat. 

No Exercise

Eating right is just one part of weight loss. You cannot overlook the importance of exercise. If you have been altering your food intake without seeing improvement, it’s telling you that dieting alone isn’t enough. Consuming fewer calories but moving less will see you burning lesser calories. It cancels out the overall calorie deficit, which leads to limited weight loss. Some studies might indicate that increased exercise isn’t enough to achieve weight loss on its own, but it’s important for overall health, and to speed up a slow metabolism. 

woman feet standing on weighing scale diet

Depending Too Much On Your Scale

You might not see a change of actual weight even if you’re exercising more, but it doesn’t mean you haven’t had improvement. When you try a new exercise routine, especially weight training, you may be losing inches without seeing a change on the scale. It’s because muscle takes up less space than fat mass. Muscles burn more calories than fat, so an increased muscle mass will help you lose even more. Instead of the scale, track your progression through the clothes you wear. You know you’re getting there if your outfit feels looser than before.

different cut up fruits with measuring tape

No Progress Report

You need to document your habits to know how much you’re eating or how little you’re exercising. A study revealed participants who kept a food diary lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. It’s attributed to increased awareness and accountability. Nowadays, fitness and health wearables can help you record and observe your daily habits. It’s a great way to keep you moving as your awareness can help you to move more when you’ve been inactive.

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4 Positive Reasons To Own A Domestic Pet

They are more than daily companions.

Several research suggests that attachment to pets is good for our health and even helps build a better community. Studies also show that dogs reduce stress, anxiety and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and improve your overall health. 

Just playing with a dog has been shown to raise levels of the feel-good brain chemicals oxytocin and dopamine, creating positive feelings and bonding for both you and your pet. Check out more reasons why you should consider keeping a furry friend as a home companion.

woman lying on the floor with her labrador dog

Help Build Healthy Habits

Pets need to be taken care daily and because of that, they help us build healthy habits and routines. For instance, dogs need to be taken out for walks and runs regularly, and owners will get to reap the benefits of exercise from it. Owning furry friends require them to be fed on a regular schedule. The responsibility of feeding them gives owners a reason to get up and start their day.

woman laughing with her dog kissing the dog

Provide Comfort

Pets are commonly known to be loyal and affectionate companions. They provide a familiar and reliable presence, and the routine of looking after them is comforting. Pets may have an important role to play in combatting loneliness, which makes ownership particularly beneficial to those with less hectic social schedules, and experiencing lockdowns. Most importantly, having a pet close by has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

They Give Purpose 

Domestic animals need a lot of caring for. When you choose to own a pet, their welfare becomes your responsibility. It is a huge task but evidence suggests that it can be every bit as rewarding as it is challenging. Pets give their owners a reason to get out of bed, go to a shop, and also to exercise. Being well and able becomes a priority when you have someone who depends on you to survive.

Boost Feel-Good Hormones

A research from the University of Missouri found that a few minutes of petting a dog or cat releases feel-good hormones, including serotonin and dopamine. The levels of these hormones are usually low in people who suffer from depres­sion, so having a dog or cat could improve symptoms. 

While having pets has a lot of benefits, it’s important to select the perfect type of pet that best suits your needs and lifestyle. It is also advisable to do research on how much it costs to raise a pet and assess the responsibilities that comes with it. 

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Explore These Easy Steps to Help You Become A Morning Person

Because early birds get the worm.

There are many advantages to being an early bird. For one, it will enable you to wake up early to practice morning workouts, which has an abundance of benefits for your health. But being a morning person isn’t easy for everyone. Most of us go to bed with the intention to start the day with an early breakfast and a morning walk but those intentions slip away sometimes. The amount of sleep we get isn’t the only thing that affects our ability to wake up early and productivity. But, it is possible to slowly transform yourself into a morning person with these tips. 

Develop A Soothing Routine 

Choose a calming experience that can be repeated every night. You could read a book or unwind with a nice cup of chamomile tea for a good half an hour before you sleep. Your body will get used to the ritual and know when it is time to shut down over time. It also helps to create a relaxing environment. A clean and uncluttered room is a good start as your room should be a tranquil space reserved for relaxing and quality snoozing hours. 

woman waking up early with alarm clock and stretching

Stop The Snooze

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle disruption causes us to wake up feeling groggy, even after a long slumber. It’s important to note that we are in the state of our deepest sleep between 70 and 90 minutes, which is the point where dreams come. Researchers say that it is best to wake up at the beginning stages of a REM cycle where we are in the least deep of sleep. There are many apps that can help you measure your sleep like Sleep Cycle to achieve this.

Stop Lingering

As mentioned above, our bedroom should be reserved as a tranquil place of relaxation. Once you wake up, you need to leave the room immediately, even if it’s just to walk out to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Remaining in bed to check on our social media feeds or just simply lazing around allows the grogginess to set in. So, get up and move right after you wake up.

Keep Track of Achievements

You will notice a change in energy levels, productivity, and even mood when your sleep cycle begins to transition. Remember to note down these changes as you experience them. Just like working on any new habit, reviewing the positive impacts will help you stay motivated on the days you’re feeling groggy and sleepy.

laptop and coffee working outside morning

Natural Light Exposure

We all need a healthy dose of vitamin D even if it isn’t a hot and sunny day. Walk outside to get some fresh air for at least 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can sit on your balcony or by a window that exposes you to natural light. This will help your biological clock and has also been linked to reducing symptoms of depression by regulating your body’s chemicals.

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Free and Easy Online Workout Classes You Can Try At Home

Taught by professionals.

You don’t need a membership at the gym or pay for workout classes with a huge variety of free online workout classes available out there. Whether you have just a few minutes for a quick HIIT workout or want to learn Pilates with a physiotherapist, there is something that will help you exercise at home. 

young woman working out inside a studio

Pilates Live (Hyperlink:

Pilates Live’s sole mission is to make Pilates accessible to everyone. Their manifesto is to create a similar and progressive experience you may have by joining a local class. Vicky, a physiotherapist teaches the APPI method of Pilates. The exercises create a graduated system of specific exercises that can be used to rehabilitate from injury, improve posture, and regain muscle control in a safe and effective way. If you’re a first-timer, try a class nearby for you to learn the proper postures to avoid unwanted injuries.

Fitness Blender (Hyperlink:

Personal trainers, Daniel and Kelli are the husband and wife team behind Fitness Blender. The site offers a huge selection of full-length videos that features routines that require no equipment at all. You will be able to find fat-burning workouts, kickboxing routines, total body strength training, workouts for boosting metabolism, stretching sequences, and more on their website. They are also available for consultation if you need a proper guide on which programme to follow.

sporty athletic woman doing yoga at home online lessons

Sweaty Betty (Hyperlink:

Sweaty Betty is a British retailer specialising in women’s activewear. Not only will you find an array of stylish workout clothes, but you will also be able to find online classes that are full of easy exercises to do at home. There are yoga workouts and HIIT routines, among others that are suitable for beginners and avid workout enthusiasts. The key is to follow your own capabilities when it comes to choosing the specific exercises.

BeFit (Hyperlink:

You will find high-quality workouts to re-shape your body from head to toe with BeFit. This YouTube page features a collection of workout videos by top fitness trainers like Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr., Scott Herman, and Keaira LaShae. You can take these result-driven workouts with you anywhere to slim your waistline, challenge the abs and tone your arms with some of the best in the business. Always be mindful of your limitations and not go overboard with intensive workouts if you aren’t ready for it.

young afrixan man doing home workouts fitness aerobic

Body Project (Hyperlink:

Daniel and Alexandra created Team Body Project to provide achievable, sustainable, and realistic workout plans, for every type of body. They don’t claim to be fitness models as they are busy parents with three children and their workouts reflect their lifestyle. They are all about teaching real workouts for real people that deliver real results. You can even reach out to them if you encounter any problems during the workout.

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Debunking 5 Commonly Known Health Myths

The truth behind popular claims.

We’ve heard it all before. Swimming after eating will give you cramps, drinking eight glasses of water a day is essential and organic food is more nutritious and free of pesticides. Not only have we heard it, but we’ve also believed these tips. However, everything mentioned is not true and there are many other health-related myths that hardly carry any truth in them. We’ve decided to debunk some of the popular health “facts” that are commonly heard. 

Too Much Sugar Causes Diabetes

Consuming too much sugar does not cause diabetes. However, eating too much can make you gain weight, and being overweight increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. To reduce this risk to moderate the amount of sugary food you eat and watch your intake of fatty food as well. As for type 1 diabetes, it only happens when insulin-producing cells in your pancreas are destroyed by your immune system.

Coffee Stunts Growth

There is so far no evidence between caffeine consumption and bone growth in children. For adults, researchers have found that increased caffeine consumption can limit calcium absorption slightly, but the impact is so small that a tablespoon of milk will more than adequately offset the effects of a cup of coffee. 

Ice Cream Worsens Cold

We’ve been told that eating ice cream can make our cold worse but in fact, if you’re home sick with a cold, you can go ahead and comfort yourself with it. Research has shown that the theory of dairy increasing mucous production is false. Doctors have however revealed that frozen dairy products can soothe a sore throat and provide calories when you otherwise may not eat.

Detox Diet Cleanses Toxins

Medically, there is no need for us to detox our systems. Our bodies are built to get rid of toxins better than any diet or treatment can so there really is no purpose for diets, drinks, or treatments to ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ your body. The best way to protect your body’s detoxification process is to take care of the liver and the kidney, which are the body’s main organs in detoxification. All you would need to do is avoid processed foods, limit your intake of sugary foods, fatty foods, and alcohol.

Substitute Sugars Are Better

Brown sugar and agave aren’t better than refined sugar as they all contain empty calories and barely any nutrients. Unrefined sugar might retain minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium, but it is in insignificant amounts. These ‘healthier’ options don’t provide any significant nutrition over refined white sugar. In the end, all kinds of sugars are almost similar in terms of calories so we should watch our intake regardless of what type it is.

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Relief Stress With These 5 Simple Food

Everyday food items to save the day.

There are many ways to manage and even reduce stress levels. Food can be one of your biggest allies or enemies, but, the good thing is, fighting stress with food is a tactic available to everyone. Unhealthy eating patterns can send stress levels skyrocketing and potentially increase your risk of health problems if you don’t address them. So the next time you’re feeling the pressure, turn to these beneficial staples stored in your pantry.

top shot of chamomile tea with lemon slice

Herbal Tea

Research suggests that holding and sipping a warm beverage increases feelings of interpersonal “warmth” and friendliness. Certain herbs, like lavender and chamomile, have shown to have a relaxing effect. Green tea on the other hand, is perfect if you need a small jolt of caffeine because it’s full of flavonoids, which support brain health. However, unlike herbal teas, green tea should be consumed earlier to increase your chances of a good night’s rest.

chocolate bard cut into small pieces

Dark Chocolate

This delectable treat can reduce stress through its chemical, and emotional impact. Chocolate is seen as an indulgence and it can be a real treat to simply nibble a piece of it, and that feeling alone can help to reduce stress. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and may help reduce stress by lowering levels of stress hormones in the body. Don’t forget to enjoy dark chocolate in moderation, and make sure the bar doesn’t contain an unnecessary surplus of added sugar.

;multigrain loaf of bread

Whole grains

Carbohydrates can temporarily increase levels of serotonin, the hormone that boosts mood and reduces stress. When serotonin levels increase, people under stress have better concentration and focus. Choose healthy, unrefined carbohydrates, like sweet potatoes and whole grains, for better nutrition. Unrefined carbs cause a quick spike and crash of blood sugar, while complex carbs contain vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. Fiber can also support a healthy gut microbiome, reach for high-fiber foods, including whole rye, buckwheat, and brown rice.


Nuts are full of nutrients, including B vitamins, along with healthy fatty acids. B vitamins are an important part of a healthy diet and can help reduce stress. Almonds, pistachios, and walnuts may even help lower blood pressure levels. Pistachios in particular can have a role in reducing stress levels. Nuts and seeds are also high in magnesium, and magnesium has been linked to better anxiety management. 

avocados cut in half on a chopping board


Avocados are delicious mashed into guacamole or sliced and added to a salad, and the best part is that it offers omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce stress and anxiety. The benefits are endless as it also helps boost concentration, and improve mood.  Avocados are super foods because their benefits go beyond their omega-3 fatty acids. It has also been linked to better diet quality and nutrient intake as well as a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, which is a group of conditions that include high blood pressure and obesity. 

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Kick Start A Healthier Lifestyle With These Effective Tips

You’ve got to start somewhere.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a necessity and while some of us have mastered it, some are still trying to make it a permanent way of life. To those who are still trying, don’t worry as we’ve all fallen off the health bandwagon before. It isn’t easy to be healthy. It is a conscious, everyday decision that in turn becomes a habitual routine. 

Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes effort, you can always start small and yield big health rewards for your efforts. Here’s how you can start your journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

jump rope fruit bowl healthy eating pouchpass

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Healthy snacks, an energizing breakfast, and a light lunch are key elements to a good daily diet. Spare some time after dinner to prepare your meals for the following day to avoid settling for quick fixes like deli sandwiches or instant noodles. Try to sneak in nutrients early in the morning with a smoothie that includes ingredients like kale, chia seeds, or flax seeds.

Be A Morning Person

Research suggests that early birds tend to be happier, healthier, and even slimmer than night owls. You can start by sleeping earlier to squeeze in that seven to eight hours of slumber. Don’t forget to turn off all screens an hour before bedtime. Practicing good sleep hygiene is important and will become a habit, rather than a chore, once the health benefits kick in.

fitness journey jump rope fruit bowl

Find Tasty Replacements

Adding herbs and spices to your meals is one of the tastiest ways to boost your health. These seasonings aren’t just packed with antioxidants, they are also great replacements for salt and sugar in recipes without compromising the flavour. You can also sprinkle cinnamon on your cappuccino, sip on a fresh mint tea, add ginger or turmeric to a stir fry or make your own tomato sauce with garlic, basil, and oregano.

Discover Your Favourite Workout

Movement and exercise should be a part of our daily lives. However, choosing a workout routine based on trends might put you off from doing regularly exercising. It’s important to find a style of exercise you like by trying out different classes, sports, and training styles. That way, when you are tired, it won’t feel like such a chore. Once it’s a routine, you can diversify your workout by mixing it up on a weekly basis.

Take It Slow

Make your goals S.M.A.R.T.: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. If necessary, break a goal down into even smaller milestones like adding nutrient-dense foods like fruits and nuts to your eating plan and avoid processed foods. Gradually incorporate movement into your daily routine by using the stairs instead of the elevator, and take 10 to 15-minute movement breaks throughout the day, rather than every couple of hours. If that becomes your new daily ritual at a specific time, after three or four weeks, it will become a habit.

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5 Important Health Trackers To Explore In 2021

Fuss-free ways to maintain good health.

Maintaining good health has never been made easier. Most of our busy lifestyles limit our time to monitor our health status regularly. Finding time to see the doctor is hardly possible with such schedules waiting for you daily. These health trackers have however allowed us to maintain good health using advanced technology to track your day-to-day life. Read on to find out how these health trackers can benefit your well-being.

woman checking her smart wristband after working out or jogging pouchpass

Google Fit

Google Fit is an app you can download on your Android or iOS device. Your phone itself serves as your hardware, and you can bring it with you during walks, runs, or bike rides. You can also feed data to Google Fit from other devices, like a POLAR smartwatch, a Fitbit Plus, or even a smart bathroom scale. Users can achieve fitness goals through customised coaching and actionable tips based on their health and activity history. 

Garmin Fitness Watch

With over 20 fitness watches in the collection, Garmin watches come in different trendy styles, and the features of each one leave us absolutely impressed. For instance, their latest release called Venu has features that monitor your energy levels, track your stress levels, and suggest improvements like calm breathing if necessary. It also keeps a tab of menstrual cycles, reminds you to stay hydrated, and helps improve your breathing pattern.

elderly woman holding hands with daughter and wearing a smart health wristband pouchpass


PouchPASS entered the market in 2020 to help us maintain a sense of normalcy with their on-the-go body temperature in a form of a wearable device as we continuously battle an ongoing pandemic. The innovative product works by providing consistent, and remote temperature monitoring through a wristband linked to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth. The Watchlist feature allows both households and businesses to monitor their members effectively. PouchPASS also enables early detection of fever symptoms. 

Health Mate

Although Health Mate is designed to integrate with Withings health products, it’s still useful on its own. It works well as both a pedometer and a heart rate measuring device. It comes with so many options to let you know every detail of your body. It even lets you track your child’s health and also offers to coach during your pregnancy. You can also monitor your sleep patterns and receive other vital information about your body like blood pressure and more. 

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 comes with an aluminum case, and a bright, crisp screen. Looks aside, it is packed with useful tools for both everyday wear and activity tracking. You can receive smartphone notifications, make contactless payments via Fitbit Pay, control your music, monitor your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), be guided through calming breathing exercises, and track your sleep. 

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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5 Effective Ways To Commit To Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s easier than you think.

A new year symbolizes a new chapter in our lives, and like every year before the next, we create a list of goals to be achieved. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions have a habit of being broken more than any other goals. One of the problems that contribute to this is the fact we sometimes treat it like finishing up a marathon. 

Resolutions and goals aren’t short-term solutions and there are ways we can make them a permanent part of our life. Here are some useful tips for you to honour your resolutions to self-improvement and health change.

Find Projects to Volunteer

The act of giving feeds the soul. In fact, a study in Social Science and Medicine suggests that volunteering might contribute to happiness levels “by increasing empathic emotions, shifting aspirations,” and helping people to re-evaluate their own life situations. Volunteering for a cause as little as two hours a week brings greater happiness, and sense of purpose.

new year's resolution 2021 pouchpass

New year resolutions concept with open notebook, pen, mobile phone, tablet, small plant and eye glasses on white desk

Take More Breaks

You might not believe it but, if your aim is to become more productive, the best way to achieve that goal is to take more breaks. Do less to do more according to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology. It also states that frequent, short breaks as early as a few hours after you start working are most effective at refreshing your mind. Overworking could lead to exhaustion and increase your stress hormones, which can create cycles of burnout.

Early Preparations

Just because it’s called a “New Year’s” resolution doesn’t mean you only start preparing for it when the new year rolls in. Prepare for it now, and don’t wait for the countdown to announce your goals and plans to friends and family. You should begin by deciding on which goal to pursue in advance and then continue with the specifics on how you will achieve those goals.

new year's resolution 2021 pouchpass

Reward Yourself Wisely

Focusing too much on the progress you’ve made can be counterproductive. This is one of the main problems when it comes to weight loss. We are guilty of rewarding ourselves with indulgent treats after making progress with losing weight. But, when you don’t acknowledge your progress, you will lose steam and possibly give up in the long run. Do celebrate your accomplishments but perhaps try rewarding yourself with your favourite things besides food.

Choose Something Requiring Less Willpower 

One of the secrets to following through on any resolutions is to start with those that don’t require willpower. When you exert extreme willpower, a function of the prefrontal cortex exhausts other functions like mental endurance and the will to follow through. Willpower is a mental muscle that must be trained, so try kicking off the year by choosing a resolution that adds something to your life like learning how to cook healthier meals instead of ones that require taking away things from your daily routine.

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!