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5 Benefits of Becoming a PouchPASS Reseller

Be your own boss.

A reseller program is a popular business strategy that vendors use to increase sales, build relationships, and grow their network of users. The reseller is a business where one can be their own boss who buys the product from the manufacturer and sells it to the end user either online or through traditional offline direct channels. A reseller has his full right in his own territory in reselling products from manufacturers. PouchPASS has launched its own reseller program. Find out the benefits you’ll reap as the brand’s reseller.

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As a reseller, you can start your business right away without waiting for any products to arrive. As soon as you add reselling products and content on your online platforms, you can begin marketing your business. Also, it doesn’t ask for much time commitment since most of the processes are automated and you won’t need to package or ship products to the customers. 

No Stock and Inventory

As stated above, the best thing about being a reseller is that no carry of stock is required, which means no inventory cost and high revenue. You only pay for products customer orders from your website. It reduces financial risk and is a perfect tool for budget-conscious or start-up enterprises.

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Monthly Residuals

The perk of a well-established reseller program is the option to make recurring residuals based the business you bring in. All you have to do is apply your business sense into the products and services at hand, then sit back and relax

Access to Competitive Prices

Just like other reseller programs, PouchPASS offers partners large discounts on their products and services. The more you purchase, the less you have to pay for your products. This preferred pricing will not only increase your profit margins but also help your business grow at a faster rate.

Proper Support and Training

PouchPASS will undoubtedly provide you (the reseller) with all of the tools you need to be successful in selling their products. This includes live help desk support, marketing and training materials. You’ll also have a dedicated representative that you can call directly for any queries.

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About PouchPASS

PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real-time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out how you can be a reseller of its products here.