Debunking 5 Commonly Known Health Myths

The truth behind popular claims.

We’ve heard it all before. Swimming after eating will give you cramps, drinking eight glasses of water a day is essential and organic food is more nutritious and free of pesticides. Not only have we heard it, but we’ve also believed these tips. However, everything mentioned is not true and there are many other health-related myths that hardly carry any truth in them. We’ve decided to debunk some of the popular health “facts” that are commonly heard. 

Too Much Sugar Causes Diabetes

Consuming too much sugar does not cause diabetes. However, eating too much can make you gain weight, and being overweight increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. To reduce this risk to moderate the amount of sugary food you eat and watch your intake of fatty food as well. As for type 1 diabetes, it only happens when insulin-producing cells in your pancreas are destroyed by your immune system.

Coffee Stunts Growth

There is so far no evidence between caffeine consumption and bone growth in children. For adults, researchers have found that increased caffeine consumption can limit calcium absorption slightly, but the impact is so small that a tablespoon of milk will more than adequately offset the effects of a cup of coffee. 

Ice Cream Worsens Cold

We’ve been told that eating ice cream can make our cold worse but in fact, if you’re home sick with a cold, you can go ahead and comfort yourself with it. Research has shown that the theory of dairy increasing mucous production is false. Doctors have however revealed that frozen dairy products can soothe a sore throat and provide calories when you otherwise may not eat.

Detox Diet Cleanses Toxins

Medically, there is no need for us to detox our systems. Our bodies are built to get rid of toxins better than any diet or treatment can so there really is no purpose for diets, drinks, or treatments to ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ your body. The best way to protect your body’s detoxification process is to take care of the liver and the kidney, which are the body’s main organs in detoxification. All you would need to do is avoid processed foods, limit your intake of sugary foods, fatty foods, and alcohol.

Substitute Sugars Are Better

Brown sugar and agave aren’t better than refined sugar as they all contain empty calories and barely any nutrients. Unrefined sugar might retain minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium, but it is in insignificant amounts. These ‘healthier’ options don’t provide any significant nutrition over refined white sugar. In the end, all kinds of sugars are almost similar in terms of calories so we should watch our intake regardless of what type it is.

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