Explore These Easy Steps to Help You Become A Morning Person

Because early birds get the worm.

There are many advantages to being an early bird. For one, it will enable you to wake up early to practice morning workouts, which has an abundance of benefits for your health. But being a morning person isn’t easy for everyone. Most of us go to bed with the intention to start the day with an early breakfast and a morning walk but those intentions slip away sometimes. The amount of sleep we get isn’t the only thing that affects our ability to wake up early and productivity. But, it is possible to slowly transform yourself into a morning person with these tips. 

Develop A Soothing Routine 

Choose a calming experience that can be repeated every night. You could read a book or unwind with a nice cup of chamomile tea for a good half an hour before you sleep. Your body will get used to the ritual and know when it is time to shut down over time. It also helps to create a relaxing environment. A clean and uncluttered room is a good start as your room should be a tranquil space reserved for relaxing and quality snoozing hours. 

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Stop The Snooze

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle disruption causes us to wake up feeling groggy, even after a long slumber. It’s important to note that we are in the state of our deepest sleep between 70 and 90 minutes, which is the point where dreams come. Researchers say that it is best to wake up at the beginning stages of a REM cycle where we are in the least deep of sleep. There are many apps that can help you measure your sleep like Sleep Cycle to achieve this.

Stop Lingering

As mentioned above, our bedroom should be reserved as a tranquil place of relaxation. Once you wake up, you need to leave the room immediately, even if it’s just to walk out to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Remaining in bed to check on our social media feeds or just simply lazing around allows the grogginess to set in. So, get up and move right after you wake up.

Keep Track of Achievements

You will notice a change in energy levels, productivity, and even mood when your sleep cycle begins to transition. Remember to note down these changes as you experience them. Just like working on any new habit, reviewing the positive impacts will help you stay motivated on the days you’re feeling groggy and sleepy.

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Natural Light Exposure

We all need a healthy dose of vitamin D even if it isn’t a hot and sunny day. Walk outside to get some fresh air for at least 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can sit on your balcony or by a window that exposes you to natural light. This will help your biological clock and has also been linked to reducing symptoms of depression by regulating your body’s chemicals.

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