How Accurate Temperature Reading Can Help Save Lives Through Early Detection

PouchPASS allows you to identify these issues in the comfort of your own home.

Measuring body temperature is a common procedure performed to monitor for signs of infection, environmental exposure, shock, ovulation, or therapeutic response to medications or medical procedures. The body changes its normal temperature throughout the day to support its own defense mechanisms. The temperature of a healthy person changes depending on what activities they undertake.

Monitoring our body’s temperature consistently is now an integral part of our daily lives. It is today’s new normal as the whole world continues to battle the spread of the ongoing pandemic. Public spaces and retail outlets have equipped their premises with QR scanners and non-contact infrared thermometers, also known as a “thermometer gun”.

Although these thermometer guns are deemed necessary and convenient for business owners, health experts have constantly warned that these devices could give inaccurate temperature readings. Dr. James Leo, the chief medical officer of MemorialCare in Fountain Valley, California revealed to Healthline that non-contact forehead infrared thermometers have poorer accuracy, while infrared thermal cameras used for mass screening show variable accuracy. “They have not been well-correlated with oral temperatures,” he said in the interview.

Thermometers determine temperature by measuring the heat emanating from the surface of a person’s body. Most often, those wielding the tools don’t hold them close enough to the subject’s forehead, which often generates unusually low-temperature readings or holds them too close and get a high reading. The measurements can be imprecise in certain environments, like a dusty roadside, or when someone has taken medication to suppress a fever.

According to a study that was approved by The Melbourne Health Human Research Ethics Committee, monitoring skin temperature at the wrist in hospitalised patients may assist in the detection of infection. This study showed the value of using a wearable device in the detection of infection and its potential as an early warning or monitoring device.

Early detection of any form of infection is crucial in today’s current climate. Accuracy and not estimation is a priority. The innovation of PouchPASS allows body temperatures to be recorded and continuously sync temperature data to a mobile application for multiple users.

The best part of it all, PouchPASS has features that include contact tracing, and early detection of raised temperatures; important tools that will help mitigate COVID-19 transmission by allowing both households and businesses to perform their own health screening checks. For business owners, PouchPASS will save significant man-hours required to take and record temperature several times daily, and it allows regular households to monitor their health more efficiently within shorter time spans.

Early detection of infections can save you from more serious ailments. PouchPASS allows you to identify these issues in the comfort of your own home.

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PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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