New Year, New PouchPASS Features

For a more fuss-free and easy experience.

Data protection is a big priority for many of us. The importance of it increases as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates. There are several privacy concerns related to many of the systems out on the market, which include facial recognition, QR location check-in, and tracing applications. PouchPASS values your privacy and allows you to be totally in control of the personal data you share.

Regardless of the innovation utilised to preserve privacy, some potential customers might be wary about sharing their personal information when registering. To please every market segment, PouchPASS addresses this concern with a new update on its application. Users can use the app without having to create an account or log in one.

sign in as guest

Just like registered users, guests will be able to record their temperature and check their 14-day data, and log, edit or delete recorded symptoms. It’s fuss-free and easy. The difference with using PouchPASS as a guest is temperature records and logged symptoms in the diary will not be synced to your server and the Watchlist feature as you are required to have an account to access it. 

While logging in as a guest saves worry about infringed privacy, PouchPASS assures data protection. As a registered user, you can enable location services on your mobile phones to share geolocation with family members and colleagues. You will also have full transparency on which information is shared and can change the settings at any time. 

About PouchPASS

PouchPASS wearable technology allows you to monitor your body temperature in real time. It automatically syncs with our mobile app, allowing you to monitor your health status easily on the go. Its accurate temperature diary enables early detection of fever symptoms. Find out more now!

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