Stop the Diet! 5 Reason Why It’s Not Working For You

Helpful tips to fix the situation.

Staying true to a health regime can be frustrating, especially when you’re not making much of a difference despite the work you’ve pun into it. These mistakes could be the reason why you haven’t hit your goals yet.

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Eliminating An Entire Food Group 

There’s no food you should never eat, but, there are lots of foods you should rarely eat. A diet that forbids macronutrients wholesale, like carbs, tends to be unsustainable in the long-run. For instance, carbohydrates are essential to provide energy. Ditching it for a week or two is fine, but if that’s why you’re losing weight, you’ll start gaining the weight back when you bring it back into your diet. The key is to cut calories elsewhere or learn how to downsize your portions.

You’re Not Losing Weight

It’s easy to feel deflated when the scale numbers don’t change during the first few days of a new diet. You might even feel like giving up sometimes. Research from the University of Florida however, showed that overweight women who lost weight faster end up experiencing a larger overall weight loss and had more success maintaining it. Not that you need to rush, but even losing initial water weight may motivate you to stick to a plan that will ultimately burn more stored fat. 

No Exercise

Eating right is just one part of weight loss. You cannot overlook the importance of exercise. If you have been altering your food intake without seeing improvement, it’s telling you that dieting alone isn’t enough. Consuming fewer calories but moving less will see you burning lesser calories. It cancels out the overall calorie deficit, which leads to limited weight loss. Some studies might indicate that increased exercise isn’t enough to achieve weight loss on its own, but it’s important for overall health, and to speed up a slow metabolism. 

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Depending Too Much On Your Scale

You might not see a change of actual weight even if you’re exercising more, but it doesn’t mean you haven’t had improvement. When you try a new exercise routine, especially weight training, you may be losing inches without seeing a change on the scale. It’s because muscle takes up less space than fat mass. Muscles burn more calories than fat, so an increased muscle mass will help you lose even more. Instead of the scale, track your progression through the clothes you wear. You know you’re getting there if your outfit feels looser than before.

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No Progress Report

You need to document your habits to know how much you’re eating or how little you’re exercising. A study revealed participants who kept a food diary lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. It’s attributed to increased awareness and accountability. Nowadays, fitness and health wearables can help you record and observe your daily habits. It’s a great way to keep you moving as your awareness can help you to move more when you’ve been inactive.

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