Keep your business safe.

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The PouchPASS Ecosystem gives real time insights about people’s risks in your organization.






Act on real time insights – swiftly.

Spotting cases at a glance allows you to instantly make decisions.

Fever cases and People at Risk

See new fever cases and make decisions to prevent spread.

Contact Traces

Find out who contacted who, where, when — and send alerts.

Monitor people under mandatory quarantine.

Useful for airports, monitor travellers from their arrival up to their mandatory quarantine.

Automate Attendance Checking and Access Control

Whether it be for schools or your business, automate checking of attendance and access control using PouchBand Plus.

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Contactless payments

Make contactless purchases in food courts or establishments in your organization with PouchBand Plus.

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Use Gateways for wider coverage

Our gateways automatically connect with PouchBands so you can detect temperatures right away.

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PouchPASS values your privacy — the data you share, you control.

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PouchNATION is SEA’s Leader in Crowd Management Technologies, IoT, Contactless Payments, and Behavioral Analytics. With 6 physical offices across the region, PouchNATION has successfully sold millions of wearables across different industries (mass gatherings, hospitality, etc.) and established itself as the market leader in the space.

As COVID-19 is transforming the world, PouchNATION integrated into its wearable technology a Body Temperature Sensor to allow all businesses and households to do Health Screening checks. The vision is to promote a safe and healthy environment both at home and at work powered by the latest of the art contactless IoT technology.

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