Unlock the full potential of your PouchPASS Wristband by pairing it with our low-cost and high-performing device, Gateways.

Manage multiple PouchBANDs easily and quickly

Gateways are low-cost and high performing devices
that simultaneously collect and manage multiple
wristbands in real time.

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Use Gateways for wider

Our gateways automatically connect with PouchBands
so you can detect temperatures right away.

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CoverageUp to 300 meters
Synchonises WirelesslyYes
Wi-Fi Rangeup to 90 meters
Transfer RateUp to 1Mbps
Size150mm diameter, 36mm height
Power SupplyDC 5.0V, Supports POE Power supply
Wireless SecurityWPA/WPA2, WEP, TKIP, AES

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Use your PouchBAND together with our gateway for a wider range of monitoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PouchPASS Gateway?

PouchPASS gateway is a receiver that connects to PouchBANDs and then syncs data to your PouchPASS Dashboard for real time temperature monitoring.

How does the PouchPASS Gateway work?

Your PouchBAND transmits your real time body temperature to your PouchPASS app on your mobile phone. Your PouchPASS app then submits your temperature data to the cloud, so it can be viewed and recorded using your PouchPASS Dashboard. For scenarios like School, Factories, Offices, Household. Where, some PouchPASS wristband wearers have limited or no access to a device with PouchPASS app. 

The gateway will serve as the wristbands data receiver so real time temperature can still be viewed and recorded in your PouchPASS dashboard.

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